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Jeremy Pollack is a cognitive-behavioral modification specialist with concentration in the psychology of human conflict, cooperation, aggression, and performance.

Academically, Jeremy was trained as an anthropologist and researcher in the field of evolutionary psychology and conflict resolution. He earned his M.A. in Evolutionary Anthropology as well as an M.A. in Negotiation, Conflict Resolution, & Peacebuilding, both from California State University. He has also been a collaborating researcher at the Center for Behavior, Evolution & Culture at UCLA, and has published several academic, peer-reviewed articles in the areas of conflict psychology and threat assessment. He was the recipient of the 2015 Wallenberg Peace Award for research in peace & conflict, and a finalist for the “New Investigator Award” at the Human Behavior & Evolution Society conference 2017. Jeremy is now a doctoral student, earning a PhD in Performance Psychology at Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, where he manages the Social Cognition & Behavior Research Lab. 

See his research and publications here.

Jeremy is primarily interested in two lines of research. The first is in exploring the neuropsychological processes involved in decision making and performance under high-intensity, high-pressure conditions, such as intergroup and interpersonal violent conflict, high-speed pursuit, aircraft malfunction, and combative sports. Secondly, he is interested in how social identity salience impacts motivation, confidence, and decision making, especially in the context of intragroup and intergroup conflict.


Professionally, Jeremy has been working as a cognitive-behavioral modification coach in private practice since 2009. He is also a speaker and educator. Additionally, Jeremy has been a martial artist for almost 30 years, and a professional fight coach for more than a decade. He is formerly a reserve soldier in the California State Military Reserve, Military Police unit and a former volunteer for the Los Angeles Police Department. He holds a number of law enforcement and security certifications, in addition to several years of tactical training. He is also a musician and vocalist.

Recreationally, Jeremy teaches kickboxing and self-defense to both professional fighters and non-competitive martial artists. He also sings and plays guitar in a gigging rock band. 

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