Cognitive Performance Training for Athletes

Pollack Performance Systems assists in the assessment, development, and implementation of cognitive skills training for competitive and extreme athletes. Our clients include professional athletes as well as sports teams and organizations, whose players must maintain performance under intense pressure.


 Solo athletes who must perform and endure at high-intensity while under the spotlight should take cognitive training seriously. PPS helps professional boxers, kickboxers, and MMA fighters develop the skills necessary to stay calm, focused, confident, and clear when their reputation is on the line. 

Team Players

 The link between cognitive performance and fine motor skills in sport is robust. Utilizing the latest research in sport and performance psychology, PPS assists team sports organizations in developing and/or maintaining the highest level cognitive training initiatives for their athletes.   

Extreme Athletes

 As specialists in cognitive optimization for extreme sports, PPS helps professional extreme athletes employ science-based cognitive training regimens. Programs focus on maintaining cognitive-behavioral performance under physically and emotionally stressful conditions.   

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