Cognitive Performance Training for Law Enforcement and Military

Pollack Performance Systems specializes in the assessment, development, and implementation of cognitive training for decision making and performance under high-intensity, high-pressure conditions. Our clients include agencies and organizations whose personnel are regularly involved in aggressive conflict, tactical operations, high-speed pursuit, and special vehicle and aircraft operation.


 PPS assists in cognitive skills training for aircraft operators, one of the most high-pressured jobs in the military. Cognitive training includes maintenance of cognitive performance and gross motor function under extreme conditions, including combat operations and aircraft malfunction. 

Ground Operators

 Cognitive performance training for on-the-ground operatives, especially special operations forces, requires a variety of measurable training initiatives. PPS' programs assess a unit's current training processes against the latest in science-based methods for high-intensity, tactical military training. 

Law Enforcement

 Police forces across the country often report a lack of adequate training for high-pressure situations, as evident by ongoing, costly police errors. PPS assists agencies in implementing more effective training for officers, including SWAT and pilots, to think and act effectively under pressure. 

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