Cognitive Performance Training for Performers

Pollack Performance Systems helps professional actors, musicians, and speakers employ the latest research-based methodologies for maintaining cognitive-behavioral performance under high-pressure conditions. When performers are in the spotlight and reputations are on the line, cognitive load can become immense. Our programs help performers effectively manage pressure, while maintaining a state of resilience and flow. 


 Actors must often call upon deeply emotional faculties to perform as required. Potentially stressful emotions coupled with job pressure and private life as a celebrity can run its toll on cognitive load. PPS assists theatrical performers in managing their professional demands amidst very personal needs and feelings. 


 The pressure to perform night after night, while managing personal lives and relationships, can become stressful for most professional musicians, especially while travelling. PPS helps musical performers optimize their thoughts and manage their feelings to maintain professional performance under high-pressure conditions. 


 Speaking in front of crowds has proven to be one of the most stressful situations known to man. From professional consultants to political leaders and business executives, PPS uses the latest science-driven methods to help presenters manage anxiety and enhance cognitive performance for high-level speaking engagements. 

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